Saturday, May 31, 2014

fun at home

one of the first things on my to do list when we got home was to meet my little penny girl!!! it was a dream come true when lacey called me in the middle of the night to say she had this baby girl, and our meeting was sweet as can be :)

these kids has a pretty sweet reunion too - cousins make the best friends!

there is no sliding at the park in june in arizona, so the boys were so excited to spend the afternoon at the park with nana when we got home :)

little miss no hair loves lunch time!!!

my dad hired beckam for the summer to mow the lawn, and beckam couldn't have been happier or more proud to get that thing started and make him some moola! 

sometimes, it's the simple things about home that you miss - like walking down to the schools to watch a track meet for something to do and going to zumba with the girls to get your sweat on or just snacking on popsicles in the backyard :)

"it's only a good day if you make it a good day!" love my moj!

i also love this girl! she can't get enough of me and i can't get enough of her and this last pic will go down as one of my favs!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

home again home again!

i love az, and i was sad to leave for the summer, but it always feels good to go home again :) nice to leave the heat and fun to do the whole airplane thing with the boys of course too!

it was kind of crazy with some mom attached little people, but we made it with kaits help, and everyone was excited to see this lady and start another summer adventure in raymond :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

this n that

softball can get pretty intense, especially when you dive for a ball but it takes a bad hop and smokes your cheekbone instead of your glove :(

grumpy time with my mads :) it didn't last long

best big bro :)

best friends :)

it only got worse the next morning.....yikes! he had no feeling in the right side of his face, but he said he was fine of course. dumb boys!

looking cute all ready for church and had a great afternoon, but it turned bad on our way to the temple when jeter wouldn't stop whining and then he puked all over the place :( disgusting!

while we are going to be home in canada for the summer, these amazing friends of ours are going to move away from us! i'm so sad to lose my sabrina down the road, and these kids are sad to lose their little besties too! so thankful for our awesome friendship though and so blessed to have them while we did!!!

avery and mads had the cutest little bond :)

this kid! he can sleep anywhere and any time!

that little ging in the green/yellow/red shorts up there is my monkey beckam boy and his dad had to check it out this time too! no fear!

i hope they're always best friends :)

mads has a special love for his quinny sis, and it's so cute :) and he is also one of the funniest kids! haha just stretching it out before he starts into breakfast - eating is hard work!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

kait comes to az!

i felt a little daunted about traveling home with 4 kids by myself, and kait is always looking for a reason to come visit her nieces and nephews and az, so we got to play with this beautiful girl for a few days before we headed home to the great white north for the summer :)

one of my favorite days at the pool right here - check out our form!

and right here.......the best pool jumping pic EVER!!!!

we had to do the zoo of course :)

......and the temple.....

and we HAD to shop! i had to call for some assistance to get these tight lil jeans off! haha

it was so fun eating pizzookies and staying up late and having some good ol sister time, and she was a lifesaver at the airport and on our way home too! love this girl :)