Saturday, June 28, 2014

let the good times roll

can't forget these gooders! mak was going through a phase where she either totally hated or was completely terrified of getting her nails painted, but mom wanted it done, and i was the mean aunt who tried to get the job done! poor little makie!

dust went to Philadelphia for an exam and brought goodies home for the boys!

when the "spring" weather isn't living up to its name, you have to come up with indoor fun, and shaving cream painting is one of our favs!

love it when mads can't quite make it through book time before bed :)

nana is everyone's favorite, but these 2 especially love to fight over her!

happy 5th miles daniel! these 2 make me smile :)

beckam taking the july 1st family fun run seriously! just getting his training in :)

lace was the best nun ever in her play, nunsense :)

this squishy face and this girl! so incredibly thankful for my little girlie - every mom needs a daughter, and i'm just so lucky she's mine!

loves his nuggets!

beckam did his first flip off the diving board and it was perfection! no fear, that kid!

pool time with uncle cars! it takes some work to convince cars to come to the pool but when he does, everyone has fun :)

we watched 8 seconds the other day, and this kid decided to get his cowboy on! haha love my beckam boo!

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