Monday, June 23, 2014

cuteness overload

ready for another cuteness overload?!?! starting with these handsome sunday boys being goofy and then posing for mom :)

oh and this girl too - love me some flowery headband cuteness!

haha oh man this little "cheese" face has my heart these days!

we couldn't go the whole summer without some allen love! thank goodness for FaceTime :)

these 2 have no choice but to be besties!

licking the beaters and chasing down chalk and trying to sneak some "black poison" :) yummy!!!

stink i just love this girl!

we stopped by the elementary school track meet, and the boys found some friends to try their own at the 100m sprint! hayes for the win!

like father like son! studying and riding in the car is hard work!

the bees are a buzzing!

and there isn't a weekday morning that goes by without nana making her smoothie with her special smoothie helper!

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